Catherine Labbé Art

“Soulful, alluring, hauntingly intriguing, powerful and imaginative”; these are some of the descriptive terms Catherine Labbe’s art elicits from her patrons. The creativity in her prints and paintings is fueled by personal life experiences, topics and issues which we all deal with in our lives. Past works include the use of mask like imagery to create a commentary on the physical, cosmetic demands that society places on women. One of her latest series is based on shadow figures which she uses to represent the identity and essence of the inner, true self that exists inside each of us and in the physical world that we all see. Pelvic bone is yet another theme she is currently working with to express injury from pain and the trauma she experienced in a car accident.

Her works are shown in museums as well as juried and invitational shows, and she is collected by private and corporate patrons and museums. Mostly self-taught she resides in her hometown of Greenville, SC with her husband and family.

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